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People who are too attached to their phones; most people who are addicted to phones are nomophobic, or the phobia of losing their phones; in other words, stupid, dumb, annoying, ignorant people who never listen to what you say and missing out on life and the beauty of nature
A: Hey!
B: *looking at their phone*
A: Hi...
B: Huh? What was that? *looking at their phone again*
C: Hey, A!
A: Oh, hi! B is a phone addict.
C: It's annoying. They're missing out on so many things. It makes me feel like they're not my friend anymore. :'(
by #octothorpe March 28, 2015
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often teenage and 20 something girls but can also be males, phone addicts are those people at a party or gathering they should be enjoying themselves at but instead are obsessed with their phone missing out on life, often placing themselves in a near impenetrable bubble. These addicts require the help of a friend, preferably a friend without a phone in their hand, who can teach them how to enjoy life.
"hello?.....hello?....pshh. phone addict.."

"oh haha what was that?"
by kid ak August 23, 2014
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