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While away from home, spending most of the time on the cell phone talk'n with folks back home. A way of coping with home sickness 2008, while on a minutes plan, compensating by talking on a cell phone and going over their minutes, big time is "phone sick"
Tiffany: been in Vegas now for a day, just got up, wake'n & bake'n, whatz up? Hella hot here....YADA....YADA.....yada...
2,000 minutes later, where u at?
Me: Honey, you know your on a minutes now, you went over your plan 1200 minutes, your "phone sick"
by buddybudphoto July 10, 2008
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The lapse of time you spend without a cell phone after breaking or losing it, often causing anxiety because of the inability to contact people. Withdrawal of the modern smartphone can sometimes cause complete isolation from the outside world.
It's been 2 days, and I'm still on my laptop trying to facebook message my friends where they are. I am extremely phone sick.

My phone was stolen, so now I can't appear busy by pretending to text somebody on my phone. Wait...How am I going to instagram this?!!

I really took having my iphone for granted after I was without one for only 3 days. Now that I have a new one, I am proud to join the rest of the world again.
by Toto Annihalation March 15, 2013
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