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you get too slaphappy after
a) you have had too much mountain dew
b) you have been at a sleepover and it's really late
c) you have been on the phone for way too long
everything becomes funny, even if it isn't.
other forms of phone drunkenness include:
phone wasted
phone hungover
phone buzzed
a) After chugging 4 mountain dews Tom thought his karaoke singing was the best in the world. Everyone could tell he was a little phone drunk.
b) It was 1 o'clock in the morning and when Chelsea laughed at the dog eating chocolate, we all thought she was phone drunk.
c) After an hour on the phone Sandra and Lily were laughing at the oddest things. They were a bit too phone drunk.
by rentaninja October 08, 2010
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(adj) - A lack of coordination and/or concentration while performing a task caused by the simultaneous use of a cellular device.
Person1: that girl is staggering around trying to put a sign up while on her phone.

Person2: She's Phone Drunk.

Person1: Wow she crashed into that guy's car because she was distracted by her cell phone.

Person2: Sounds like she was Phone Drunk.
by TecKrieger August 12, 2012
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When two best friends get drunk alone in two different parts of the world and have drunk conversations.
Kia: I need a drink or two and I have no one to get drunk with except alcoholic uncle.. Wanna get phone drunk with me?
Lyra: Hell yea!
by Tahun June 24, 2011
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