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A type of nigger. This specific genre of negro is easily identifiable within a group. Usually contradictory, it will produce outbursts of opinions and show signs of open minded-ness before reverting back to its nigger self. High up on the social ladder, it can make these outbursts with no risk of social collapse because every other nigger is afraid of him.
4 niggers own an Xbox 360
1 Kid has a ps3

Nigger 1: yo look at dis pusy with his fuckin ps3
Nigger 2: ye wurd up hes a bloodclat lets snuff dis battiman
Nigger 3: Chichiass bluddclat rass clat
PHILOSPHICAL NIGGA: naw mas ps3 is iight it has blu ray styll
by Philosphical Nigga November 30, 2009
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