Phillip Is a lit person who loves video games and is trying to be quiet.Phillip is an amazing person, best friend. He has strong morals and is very intelligent. He is very empathetic and he never fails to try to make things better for those he cares for. He learns from his mistakes and improves for the future. He is incredibly understanding, patient and most of all forgiving.He's perfect in literally every way possible and he's probably the most hilarious person you will ever meet.
Phillip is a complete freaking legend
by xXMaster_DerpXx May 22, 2019
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Another word with the same definition as fellatio, except for the servicing is done by a male. Pronounced, 'feel lips.'
Homo 1: I could phillips, Elton John could only top, on my hard tube steak.

Homo 2: To bad his breath was smelling of fumundercheese PEW!
by onlyfemalelips4this January 01, 2011
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A small man with small wonders. Also related cause of herpes symplex ten and the common pubic lice.
"Wow! He's smaller than phillip!!!"
by Unkown Monster February 15, 2008
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The word Phillip means strong and nice. He is cute and funny. Also it means he knows how to win women.
Phillip is the best ever.
by Riley Pip November 30, 2016
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