The biggest clown with the biggest heart ever. Phillip is always wholehearted and he never lets you down. Phillip is known to be a really good, dedicated, and faithful boyfriend who tries his best to do everything he can to make his girlfriend happy. His soulmate is Hang and literally no one else can take her place bc she’s his toaster strudel
Bob: dude hang and Phillip are so cute together
Rob: hell yeah Phillip makes her so happy I’m so happy for them
by maiiiiiiiiiiii April 14, 2019
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Mildly adequate at Taekwondo.
He's not great at Taekwondo but he isn't bad, he's a Phillip.
by Adrianthemexican October 22, 2018
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Worst brand of vodka ever. Useful for shitty nights where you feel bad about writing a paper, or if you're broke. Prepare to hug the toilet.
Person 1: I am shit broke, but want to get fucked up tonight.

Person 2: Just get a bottle of phillips.
by spoonman184 March 11, 2011
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A super annoying boy with a small dick. Do NOT trust a phillip who says he has a big dick- he’s most definitely lying to you. Phillips are also known highly for being assholes to their girlfriend.
“Phillip sent me his nudes yesterday, and the man had such a small dick i couldn’t help but laugh at him”
by cknnuggs June 03, 2020
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Phillip. Noun. A word to describe only the most ornate of people. Unathletic and obsessed just don't do it to describe what a Phillip truly is. Spoiled and just a tad annoying don't fill in the missing gaps of the pie chart describing his traits(He ate 3/4 of it). In one word, Phillip can be described as "wack" this is an understatement but once again, words can't describe.
"Damn, how does that one kid pay for that half-decent truck?"
" Oh, its has Dads, retard. You don't even know Phillip man."
by Rickybody February 07, 2018
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the biggest man whore you will ever meet. The king of pot heads. Girls thinks he is disgusting but still mess around with him. Phill's are players and always will be. they dont care about anyone but themselves.
"Dang, he has been messin with every girl, hes pullin a phillip"
by yeahhhbudyyy June 06, 2009
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If you are in Chicago this means, "a party of one"
Guest: Hey can I make a reservation?

Host: Sure how many?

Guest: It's just Phillips. Can you have a Tripel Karmeliet waiting for me at my table? Thanks.
by Schultebear January 23, 2014
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