this is a mythical creature who will come to your school and preach to you the good words of cali his home land.
the great Eathan Philips taught us the preachings of cali today.
by Papa Yojana April 5, 2021
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Trevor Philips is a fictional crackhead and one of the three lead criminals of Grand Theft Auto V, a video game in the Grand Theft Auto series made by Rockstar Games.
N/A Sentence For Trevor Philips
by aggroteo May 18, 2022
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Trevor (gta) is the ultimate p1mp you can’t argue with me. He is just so p1mpilicious with h00kers on both sides of him like try and compare
Trevor Philips is such a p1mp
by Bullymaguireswife1 January 8, 2022
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