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A school located in mississauga, ontario. there way better than any other highschool in mississauga for example. john cabot, st.martins, father michael goetz, st.pauls, st.marcellinus, applewood, mount carmel ect... they shit on any team that gets in there way. a multicultural school full of many race for example, jamican, colombian, polish, filipino, ukranian, chilean and alot more. we got a bunch of asians that could whip any school in dance battles ! and a drama class that can make you shit a little cause its so funny..
& we make anyother school look like a fly on the wall just cause were so cool.
Malik- what school you go to?

Dominique- i go to Philip pocock secondary high school why?

Malik- OMG ! your so lucky thats the best highschool in mississauga ! i wanna go but i cant cause im ugly

Dominique- Oh i know its a sick school, and i also know your ugly too...
by gillette123 January 08, 2011
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