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A heterosexual BDSM sex act, involving rope and a bell, that has the central purpose of delaying a man's orgasm. To begin, the woman ties the man up to a bed or to any other object that will allow him to lie prostrate, then proceeds to ride his erect penis. The man will not be allowed to ejaculate into the woman's vagina until she gives him permission, which is granted to him by her ringing of the bell, known in this sex act as the Liberty Bell.
Since Peter was prone to premature ejaculation, his girlfriend Linda suggested that they try the Philadelphia creampie to delay his orgasm.
by pwumavs July 28, 2008
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When one person spreads Whipped Philadelphia Cream Cheese on their same gender partner, and then licks it off.
Matthew Philadelphia Creampied Jonah after going to returning from the world renowned restaurant, Wedges.
by therealalaphabet(maz) May 01, 2018
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