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An extremely exclusive private country club located in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. It maintains three golf courses, a nine hole course off of its main facilities and two eighteen hole courses right outside philadelphia in Flourtown. It also maintains both grass and clay tennis courts, a swimming pool, squash courts and a cricket team. One of the poshest clubs in philadelphia, with a membership made up primarily of many very old WASP families. One of the oldest country clubs in the nation, not much has changed about its membership or ideology since its inception in 1854. Membership fees would bankrupt the common family, but for a majority of members they are exempt from paying certain initiation fees if they are born members. (How many of the members afford to not even work)

The Club employs a disproportional amount of African Americans, as caddies/waitstaff as a continuance of many old traditions.
Commonly abbreviated as; PCC
Person 1: Your a member of Philadelphia Cricket Club?
Person 2: Yup, all my life...
Person 1: How do you afford this, you don't even work!
Person 2: Inherited the membership; no fees for me...
by PhillyObservr April 28, 2010
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