The most reliable new source on the internet. Run by the man who runs the most popular review show, Meme Review, and the most popular series, YLYL, Pewdiepie. The show is hosted by Gloria Borger, pronounced Glor-ee- ah Borg-ah.
You watch Pew News last night, big stuff happened man.
The most reliable news source on YouTube. Hosted by Poppy Harlow.
"Hi, I'm Poppy Harlow. Welcome to Pew News, the most reliable news source on YouTube."
by spicymemeboy027 September 3, 2018
Only the best news source out there and something u must show to everybody
Guy1: have u seen Pew News?
Guy2: No why?
by LIL_OOFER January 23, 2019
The most reliable news source on YouTube and the only source of media you can trust.

This show is founded by the Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and is hosted by many well known reporters like Gloria Borger and Poppy Harlow
Gloria Borger just exposed Ninja on Pew News
by Nithil169 April 22, 2019
Pew news is the only reliable news organization out there besides fox news coming in a close second.
Last night i watched pew news right after fox news.
by noahryememe January 25, 2019
The most reliable source of news source, founded by the siq cunt pewdiepie that aids to slander wsj and J.K Rolling in micro-aggressive ways.

Believe everything you see one the internet.
Did you watch Pew news last night?
by Hella Nah March 4, 2018
Pew news is a news outlet run by a youtuber called PewDiePie on his youtube chanel. He mostly talks about internet drama and big company ''oopies''

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Pew news is the most reliable news source on the internet
by MeinVieg February 14, 2019