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A petty crush is a spontaneous infatuation with another individual or more in which only activates when reminded of the individual or within the same area of said individual.

Such a phenomenon only occurs temporarily but can lead to an actual crush or potentially temporary symptoms such as:

-acknowledgment: This is referring to the realization that the mfer doesn't even know you, he/she's probably too old for you, already taken, or you're just not their type

-Depression: Temporary sadness that typically comes in after acknowledgment

-Mania: A series of emotions that overwhelms the victim (you or the one with the petty crush) which may cause one to become unbelievably insecure, bitter, and annoyed. This happens at random and only temporary.

This is called a petty crush because once the said individual has left your mind or sight for just a few minutes, the infatuation fades, unlike a true crush.

Furthermore, if you have this curse on you, you should probably D.E.A.R. (Drop everything and run).
Girl from down the street: "I had a petty crush on my store clerk"

Another girl from down the street: "Well, you better hope he's single and young or, D.E.A.R."
by SlickySlick! May 27, 2018
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