The British/Irish term for Molotov Cocktail. A glass container, such as an empty beer bottle, which is filled with gasoline. The opening is plugged with a piece of fabric, which keeps the gasoline contained and also serves as a wick, to be lit prior to throwing at its intended target.
About 60-100 IRA (Irish Republican Army) members launched an attacking on police vehicles by attempting to overwhelm them by launching their large cache of Petrol Bombs at their armored vehicles.
by Cainblack2004 September 16, 2019
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(N): molotov cocktail in British English

(v) to petrol bomb: to use a molotov cocktail against
If you don't like your shrink tell them to drive yourself away; do not under any circumstances try to petrol bomb their home or Freud's couch. Otherwise you'll be charged with arson.
by Sexydimma June 13, 2021
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it is petrol in a glass container such as a beer bottle and is filled with sugar to weigh it down and make the fire stick
oi Shaun give us at petrol bomb to throw at that fuckin fenians house
by goodgut October 4, 2019
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