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a reigatian term for stealing. If something has gone missing, someone (namely Peters himself) has peters-ed it. A peters-ed incident is identifiable as something that is completely useless in purpose or value, and has gone missing. those that spot this burglary should all utter in unison PETERS..

can also describe lying on ones back when about to score in hockey. one who performs this seemingly impossible feat is said to be in a state of peters.
'peters came to my house last weekend, and peters-ed my guitar amp. i only found out when he told me.'

'theres a ball missing from this atom arrangement diagram.. PETERS..'

look at that peters lying on the ground when the cross came in..
by bigfathobbit November 24, 2009
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The male sex appendage; penis
Often used in close proximity to the word "centimeter."
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, when referring to the size of his peter, said "I guarantee you there's no problem."

Hey Eric, Angie was telling me the other day that you have a centimeter peter.
by jozer0 August 02, 2016
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Peter will seem good at first. Different than the others, even. He'll make you feel special, and weightless, and like everyone else is blurry and he's the only one in focus. He'll keep this going for a while, until he gets bored of you. Right when you get comfortable, that's when he'll leave, and then you'll realize he was the same as the rest of them all along.
Peter left me.
by imstillsalty April 23, 2017
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Celtic Slang for someone who blatantly likes to discredit and disgrace his fellow colleagues regardless of evidence to enhance the size of his dimunitive penis. Can also be used as a verb to describe the action of becoming an axe wound.

1.) That twat is such a peters.

2.) Did u see Alexander get peters'd at the samurai exhibition?

OR I saw Alexander getting peters'd when he fell into the axe stand!
by Revenge101 October 23, 2006
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common slang used in Germany.
"Ey Junge, hast du Peter!?" "Standart!" "Beste!"

"Ey Kid, you got Peter!?" "Course!" "Dope!"
by Führer August 13, 2007
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Verb: To automatically friend zone yourself. Usually via gestures of helping a prospective female with help for exams or classwork.
Man: Hey look at that guy hitting on that girl!

Man #2: He'll probably Peter that situation up.
by chobani October 07, 2010
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