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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Bassist and lyricist for emo, formerly somewhat punk, band Fall Out Boy. He helps to run Clandestine Industries - a mainly clothing manufacturer - as well as Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance records. On March 7th 2006, his peen came under heavy scrutiny during Peengate '06.
"Dude, you took viaHipTop pics of your peen?"
"Yeah, I pulled a Peter Wentz."
by Kate V. T March 10, 2006
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(1)Bassist and main lyricist of FallOutBoy
(2)Hot. Like.. fuck. Hes hot.
(3)Camera Whore. Took pictures of his boys and sent them to a girl he liked, then they leaked out.`
Peter Wentz said to himself, "(3)Smile for the camera, you (2)sexy (1)bassist."
by Shickashombon April 09, 2006
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Yes, 'Pete' wentz does have an 'R' on the end. =/

Pretty self obsessed.
Although he is very normal.
Pretty good clothes disigner (i have a few of his shit myself)
doesn't give a shit about you writting shit about him.
Makes everybody jealous because of all his sweet hoodies.
Met him a couple of times, it was true, he IS an asshole.
But so are you(:
Likes to jump off things on stage
then tends to think he's massive cool because he goes out into the crowd. (which is nice:D)

teenie bopper "omfggggg ii LLLOOVEEEE p3+3r \/\/3n+z!"
real fall out boy fan "1, his name is Peter wentz. 2, do you know what the song 7 minutes in heaven is even about?"
teenie "Isn't 7 minutes in heaven a game?"
real fan "=/ stfu please."
by ****chuck May 20, 2008
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one of the worst STDs you can get. causes you to get this sudden urge to wear xxxxsmall womens polo shirts and sweat a lot in them. also causes you to put on some sort of retarded sneer whenever you get your picture taken that makes you look as if you have some horrible lip defect.
A: hey, what's wrong with Alex? lately he's been going around wearing his eleven year old sister's hoodies and baring his teeth at people.
B: oh, he has Peter Wentz. a good dose of Fifty Cent should take care of that.
by furrenchee July 25, 2006
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1.hottest guy ever
2.bassist in the band called "fall out boy"
3.owns the record label called "decaydance"
4.owns the clothing line called "clandestine"
5.owns a bar in new york called "angels and kings"
6.wrote a book called "the boy with a thorn in his side" basically awesomeness!! =D
girl 1:"hey do you know who peter wentz is?

girl 2:"yeah. isnt he that guy who is bassist in fall out boy,owns a record label named decaydance,owns a clothing line named clandestine,owns a bar named angels and kings,wrote a book named the boy with a thorn in his side,is hot and is basically awesomeness?

girl 1:yeah
by jessica hellfritsch February 17, 2008
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