a narcissistic male pornstar who likes his face to be in 52% of his films so when guys are jacking off to the chicks being fucked, the camera fades to his face.
"Peter" is slang for "Penis",
"North" can refer to the upper regions of the human body e.g. the head,
what I'm getting at, is that he's a dickhead
by anonymous June 6, 2004
Rhyme: Hey, did you saw that cumshot with Peter North?// He was cummin' like a muthafuckin horse! //
by Admin September 2, 2003
A over-rated male porn star who kicked off his career by starring in such Male Homo Erotica films as Cliff Banger and Back Door Gardeners III.
"Oaahhhh.....OAAHHHHHH!!!!! Oh, Im'a shit in ya men..."-Peter North
"WHAT!?"-Jenna Jameson
by AssMan99 August 19, 2006
A man who gets a tube up his dick, squirts milk or white fluid into his bladder to fill it. Then pisses it out in jets so it looks like ejaculation.
Peter North gave Jenna Jameson a milk bath.
by Twweeeeeeeeek November 1, 2003
When a person has shown great improvement or "Come a long way"
"Billy you have really Peter Northed since you joined the Team"
"What Coach?"
"You know you've COME A LONG WAY"
by kylemac123 May 29, 2012