When a man puts his ass on a girl's nose, with his balls on her chin. This gives the illusion of a cleft chin, like that of Peter Griffin's from Family Guy.
She totally looked like Peter Griffin with a beard.
by Hunter C. January 14, 2007
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The act of having EXTREME hardcore sex with 10 big men bouncing on a bed having mad crazy sex and filling shot glasses full of cum and then all the men take cum shots at the same time and start kissing each other proceeding to have mad hardcore sex again.
by Yfhnfnd June 13, 2020
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When a man is so fat that his stomach obscures his genitals, just like Peter
He's so so fat, I'm pretty sure he suffers from the Peter Griffin Effect.
by Justin Thorson August 25, 2008
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The common trend in anime in which a schoolboy wears a white shirt and green slacks in the same fashion as Peter Griffin from hit show and series, Family Guy (Animated Series)(On Fox).
Wow, Natsuo from Domestic Girlfriend really rockin that Peter Griffin drip.

Yuuki Rito stuntin' on these b**ches in that Peter Griffin Drip.
by Vevo Gang on instagram July 18, 2019
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