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An incredibly talented and down-to-earth actor who became famous after starring in the popular TV show "Fastlane". He went on to star in The Twilight saga playing the hottest doctor of all time, Carlisle Cullen, and again played a doctor in "Nurse Jackie".

He is the only male in the Twilight saga that is worth a second look and the only person in the whole movie who can ACTUALLY act. Robert Pattinson looks like a messed up druggie, Taylor Lautner is way too over-rated, Kristen Stewart is the most monotonous piece of crap with no personality whatsoever. Carlisle Cullen on the other hand...he is just the man every girl secretly has a crush on but won't admit it.

He is originally Italian, married to actress Jennie Garth and has three young daughters. Peter has a lovable personality, is very humble and makes every effort with things like charity events and connecing with his fans online through Twitter.

Peter has never fallen in bad publicity such as drugs/drunk driving. He charms everyone with his humour and amazing looks and is a great role model for aspiring young actors and actresses. In a decade from now, Peter Facinelli will be in the same league as Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

Long live Peter Facinelli <3
Please make a Fastlane Season 2!
Example 1
Fangirl: OMG how HOT was that guy in Twilight!!


Fangirl1: wtf you on about? Who is Taylor Lautner?! I'm talking TEAM CARLISLE here!

Example 2
Fangirl3: Love your desktop background! Peter Facinelli is so hot!

Fangirl4: Totally! He looks so much like Johnny Depp in these pictures.
by peterfacinellifan1 May 26, 2010
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