Fall out boy's bassist. Has no song writing talent whatsoever, in either his lyrics or his basslines. I've heard more talent on the bass from my 6 year old cousin.
Every song of his includes the same notes over and over again, its just 8th notes of the root. All he's ever written is a horrible monotoneous, uncreative rhythm. I guess the advantage of this is that emo's can now cut their wrists to a beat.
Bassists are being considered jokes cus of guys like this. He and other shit bands of the same genre are just selling the same crap over and over again.
emokid: i love pete and his music
normalkid: pete is shit
emokid:*sobs* *cuts*

emokid manages to play four notes one after the other: "im soo the next pete wentz"
by ScampMcBass October 01, 2006
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A nerdy looking guy from Fall Out Boy who brainless teeny boppers think is hot.
Brainless Teeny Bopper- OMG! Pete Wentz is so hot!!
Person with IQ >20- No he's not! He's ugly!
by Loi April 19, 2006
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The "bassist" of Fall Out Boy. Recently, it has been brought to the attention of the public that he is a homosexual. He later confirmed these rumours in an interview with Rolling Stone.
Dude 1: Pete Wentz is the most pathetic bass player I've ever seen.
Dude 2: Yeah I know man.
by Metalforlife January 28, 2008
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The extremely gorgeous 27 year old bass player in the band Fall Out Boy. Has a nice smile and a nack for writing lyrics. He owns Clandestine Industries and a part of Decaydance. He also discovered Panic! At The Disco. Guys dislike him only because girls like pete more than they like them.
Guy: Pete Wentz is so gheyyyy
Girl: No he's not. Hes way cooler than you.
Guy: So I guess you like his penis all over the web?
Girl: Well I am a girl...so yeah, I do. In your face.
by kristenxwentz December 30, 2006
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honestly. this guys a fucking idiot. oh, and thanks for panic at the disco pete. way to go.
someone: omgah... dont you like pete wentz? musician, lyricist, bassist, oh and a hotttttiee!

me: stfu
by mckinney November 01, 2007
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