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A valid subgroup of Veganism coined by Olivia Mora in 2001 to describe those who abstain from all animal products (eggs, cheese, casein, whey, honey, etc.) but do eat fish for its healthful benefits. A Vegan driven solely by the desire for optimal health - not animal rights, which is a completely secondary reason.

Vastly different from a pescetarian or a Vegitarian in that they share the exact same strict rules as Vegans to exclude all forms or derivatives of dairy and eggs from their diet and exclude all possible forms of cross contamination.
A Pesco Vegan diet is healthiest. Pesco Vegans save animal lives too, they just don't claim to be perfect. Pesco Vegans are more committed to their diet due to their desire of self preservation, not idealistic altruism. Pesco Vegans do anti-fur protests too. Pesco Vegans don't judge.
by Livee19 December 17, 2008
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One who follows a diet that includes seafood like fish and shellfish but excludes all other animal products, including terrestrial meat, dairy products, fish, and animal by-products.
My pesco-vegan friend loved sashimi too much to give it up. Also see sushi!
by Suzanne Swanson August 14, 2006
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A person who follows a vegan diet of no animal products, i.e. meat, eggs, dairy, with the one exception of eating fish and seafood.
He went from being a vegan to being a pescovegan when he learned how healthy eating fish is.
by Tjej February 08, 2007
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One who follows a strict Vegan Diet:

no beef, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy, honey or gelatin while avoiding wearing/buying/owning fur, down, silk & leather.

with the ONLY exception being the consumption fish (i.e. farm raised salmon or tuna)
Vegetarians & Pescetarians may eggs and dairy.

Vegans & Pesco-Vegans do not eat eggs or dairy, honey or gelatin. They avoid wearing/buying/owning fur, down, silk & leather.
by Olivia Mora December 01, 2007
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A creature that does not exist. It is impossible to be vegan and eat fish. It is like saying you are an Atheist-Christian.
V- I'm vegan.
PV- Oh really? I'm a pesco-vegan!
V- ?
by finna October 21, 2008
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