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An intricate sexual maneuver that requires patience, a hairy bush and an incredibly high pain tolerance. First - the man takes a heavy kick to the nuts (has to be hard enough to rupture blood vessels). Wait a few days and abstain from ejaculation to allow the blood to clot and to build up a heavy load (think of fire-hose pressure). The sex itself can be in the style of your choosing but just before the man is about to cum, light the Partners bush on fire. When the man finally busts his monster load he aims to extinguish the fire (while his Partner wails like a siren). The dried blood in the semen will turn the jizz black like Persian Oil. Best performed on a magic carpet to achieve the full effect
I think I'll be limping for a week...I gave that girl I met at the library a Persian Firetruck last night!
by 00deecee00 July 04, 2016
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