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One of the towns in Massachusetts with the highest drug rate. It's notorious for having kids getting suspended for being drug addicts and writing bomb threats. For the parents that have high hopes for there kids they send them to North Middlesex Regional High School. Unfortunatly these kids just bring down the Townsend school system. The kids at Hawthorne Brooke Middle school in Townsend are able to maintain a C average until you get to the highschool where they maintain a D average due to Pepperell kids. Who a Nissitissit have an F average and are brought up by the Townsend kids to a D. Usually if you work at a Pepperell General store you have to worry every day about getting robbed and you have to constintly check everyones ID thats buying Alchohol. Most of the Kids who end up doing drugs don't get caught due to the horrible Police Department unlike Ashby and Townsend where they only have somewhere from 15-23 police officers.
Theres way too many Examples to pick just one. Think of the worst thing in your head and multiply it by one hundred and then you have Pepperell,Massachusetts
by Pseudonym221 December 07, 2011
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