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While somewhat related to the infamous Donkey Punch, the pepper punch relies not upon a violent and disrespectful act to affect the involuntary response (contraction of the anus and sphincter) in the other’s body, but rather, a sly, yet effective move to cause the same response.

When having anal sex and when just about to bust a nut, the ‘giver’, rather that punching the back of the recipient’s head (as would be the case in a Donkey Punch) to cause said involuntary response, instead tears open and pours out the contents of a fast-food type serving of pepper so that its contents (the pepper) land in close proximity to the recipient’s nose.

The pepper, naturally enough, causes the recipient to sneeze, thus causing the same involuntary contraction of the recipient’s anus while the ‘giver’s’ cock is inside of it, ready to be caressed into ecstasy and to its natural end, orgasm.

The pepper punch can be used among hetero and same-sex couples alike (however, for a lesbian couple, this act is not possible without the use of a strap-on dildo by the ‘butch’ of the couple).
I’d read about the donkey punch before, but I didn’t want to inflict any pain upon my girlfriend just to feel her brown grab my meat missile…so instead, after I had slipped my cock into her ass and…when she least expected it, I dumped the pepper by her nose.

‘Next thing I knew, she went into a sneezing fit – right as I busted a nut into her quivering, pulsating, convulsing asshole. She cursed me up one side and down the other, but what the hell…ahhh the Pepper worked like a charm.
by justplainnuts January 14, 2010
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