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Pepe was originally a cartoon drawn green frog, after forum sites such as 4Chan found the origins of this frog they started to use it for comical means. It then became a universally used meme that was and still is to this day, used in a wide variety of scenarios. "Pepe" does not have any meaning behind it and rather has any meaning you choose to give it. The reputation of Pepe is created strictly by where and how people use the Pepe. The author that originally created the cartoon has now abandoned the cartoon comic book series because of the "Pepe" character being used in offensive ways.
Have you seen that Donald Trump Pepe (meme)
by Ermolai May 21, 2017
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Pepe is a green cartoon drawn frog, with large human like eyes, which looks depressed usually found online when something sad happens or associated with person who lives with strict parents or associated with love/sex life problems. Also Pepe is known to be a loner and pedophile. Usually found on Uni-Lad or other Facebook and Tumblr posts

Boy 'She rejected my date proposal'

Person comments Pepe (meme)
by Jason15300 October 20, 2015
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