state with crappy roads and a town called Intercourse; the only good things about it are the sports teams of Pittsburgh; only state where people call their state by its abreviation (people commonly say "we are visiting from PA", not "we are visiting from Pennsylvania")
by ---Lo!s!er--- October 14, 2003
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A state that takes 5 hours to drive across if there's no construction, which means that it never takes less than 10 hours to drive through. Contains towns with names such as Paint, Tree, Elm, Intercourse, and Frackville. The scenery is quite nice, but very repetitive.
One time, google maps re-routed me off of Pennsylvania highway 81 because of construction. I wound up lost at a mountaintop mall in a town called Frackville.
by youthCulture July 28, 2015
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HICK COUNTRY USA! all of us go to new jersey for everything...cow tipping is cool though
pennsylvania...red neck world
by PA LOVER July 21, 2006
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An area in the eastern part of the United States that mostly consists of woods, a few roads, amish people, coal mines, and Pittsburg.
Think about it next time youre in Pennsylvania.
by Richardlp June 16, 2009
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Rude - The people that live in this state are the rudest people ever to live on this planet.
How can anyone deal with the pennsylvania attitude in this room.
by Pennsylvania hater March 21, 2005
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Pennsylvania is home to the best college in the country, Penn State.

Pennsylvania is better than some states -- as previously stated, Kentucky, Alabama, Alaska, West Virginia, and Iowa. That is where the list ends.

Pennsylvania consists of the fattest people in the US - Pittsburgh, and the most obnoxious people in the US - Philadelphia. Both football teams are wildly overrated, and both cities have trouble winning national championships.

The entire state smells of cow manure. Can you say "country"? Beer must be purchased in 192 ounce increments, and liquor in a separate store. There are no beaches. There are no casinos. There are no good baseball teams.

The Flyers. The Sixers. The Eagles. The Steelers. Smarty Jones. Obviously, the state has a problem with choking in the big game.

And everyone has the clap.
"Man, Pennsylvania sucks. let's go to a better state."
by Matt April 11, 2005
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A state which is full of drugs and alcohol and is disguised as nice by it's forests and mountains. To most people who have moved from out of state it is a horrible place. The people are ignorant and lame. The small towns of this state are infested with drunkers and druggies.
Pennsylvania is a horrible state. Visit or move at your own risk of being tortured by the bordome od nowhere to go and the ignorance and rudeness of the people.
by Billybobpatrioticpride August 14, 2006
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