my great state. 1 that has to divided into 3 different parts: 1) Philly and the East are filled with snotty WASPs who think they're new york; 2) Pittsburgh and the West are filled with ethnic people with hard work ethics (from old steel mill/coal mine days), and the Burgh is in close relations with Cleveland and Buffalo; 3)The Center is an endless piece of nothing, filled with mountains and shitty penn state fans (go pitt!). pa's 2 most famous features are its crappy roads and its diehard sports fans (pittsburgh fans destroy philly fans any day)
Pennsylvania may have issues, but its my home state, and i couldnt imagine living anywhere else
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
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A state in which the local residents like to blame outsiders for the problems of their state when it's the lacks of education and discipline of the youth that cause most of the problems.
No honey it's you ignorant tools that sprout your own crime here in Pennsylvania.
by JoeNJ2 April 16, 2011
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A contradictory, unusual, and perverse state in the Northeast characterized by the following:

1. Three parts: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the conservative oasis
2. Wannabe "metropolitan areas": the Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg, and Scranton-Wilkes Barre
3. Horrible roads that are not only riddled with potholes, but also have the lowest speed limits known to mankind. The horrible drivers make it a packaged deal.
4. Old people. Lots of them. Largest elderly population outside FL and WV
6. Economic disparities. If it weren't for the metro areas outside Pittsburgh and Philly, PA would be at the bottom of the median household income table along with Mississippi and West Virginia.
7. Southern attributes. Pennsylvania is the least Northern state due to the vast amount of conservative, Republican rednecks occupying the greatest majority of land area.
8. Swing state. This is ONLY true because of the Democratic presence outside of Philly and Pittsburgh, that make up the largest percentage of the state's population.
9. Gun-ownership. Nowhere else in the United States will you find more registered NRA members.
13. Economic decay. Many cities in Pennsylvania have lost population and manufacturing bases which attribute to the decline in industrial growth

Overall: Don't live in this state unless your near Philadelphia!
Only Pennsylvania residents refer to their state by its initials.
by aquarius32 December 31, 2009
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the keystone state. the roads are horrible. the people are all angry hicks that dont get laid. the speed limits on the roads are 45 and everyone does 35 and passing is not allowed. there fore you never can get to where your going, not like there was anywhere to get to anyway. you can get pulled over and ticketed for having tint on your windows (and you will) the roads will mess up your alignment and blow out your tires on your car. you will also slide off the road on black ice.

parties suck. everyone is always angry and drunk and there are 12 dudes to every chick that is there and the chicks that are ugly and not single. you cant buy alcohol at normal places, you have to go to stores that are always closed. in pa everything is always closed and it almost always is cold and dark or gray outside. on the rare occasion there is sun, its probably still cold.

the only topics people in pa talk about is what is on tv and what fast food you are going to eat. seriously. strike up a conversation with a pennsylvanian about anything interesting and look at how they stare at you like they dont know what your saying and then they will start talking about walmart, or the walking dead, or beer, or macdonolds, or somthing else on tv.
if you want to find a bar in pennsylvania, it is as easy as opening your eyes.
by monkeyman 2012 December 20, 2012
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Noun; North-eastern state in the USA, hicks everywhere you look, and better than your state, bitches. Why? Because we've got chocolate, farms, and the longest winters you'll ever see in your life. No, we aren't ALL idiots, it's just that most of the smart people decide to get the hell out before the hick germs contaminate them. And, yes, we DO always refer to it as PA.
dude 1) Hey, you wanna go to Pennsylvania to visit a farm and eat some chocolate?
dude 2) No way, man. It's colder than a Russian winter in that hick-hole.
by Josephine Goldfinch December 21, 2010
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The only Northeastern state full of hicks. The Philadelphia area is the exception to the hicks statement. There's also way too much Christian/Catholic tradition and too many Christian/Catholic schools and colleges. Ultimately, the state is just plain boring, and really not advancing in the least bit. It's almost like if you are heading to PA you're actually heading backwards in time.
by what the heck June 03, 2004
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