Possibly one of the most weird places is Pennsylvania. People there are all either Emos or Preps. Not a lot to do except get lost in the woods or go trash a convient store. Sure, we may not compare to most states BUT damn sure as hell we rock.

1) We have three parts.
a) Woodsy area
b) City area
c) Amish/hick/farmy area


3) We have one of the fucking BEST colleges, Penn State.

4) The people here are all idiots XD Which is funny.


6) We're home of all or most emos. And everyone loves emos.

7) Without us you wouldnt have:
a) CDs
b) Rollorcoasters (They were made in Ohio BUT the idea came from PA coal mines.)
c) Once again, Hershey's chocolate. <3
d) The whole country, we fucking MADE the USA.
e) Lightbulbs, bitch.
f) Pretty much all Thomas Edisons inventions o.o

8) Pretty much everything good in the world was made in PA. Except Max.. He was made in Michigan.

Still not convinced PA isn't ALL bad?.. No? Fuck you XD
Pennsylvania? Oh, that place owns you.
by ManiacMoni December 17, 2008
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A beautiful State that feels more like three; Where everyone who doesn't live in the North West forgets we have beaches, from Ohio to New York. The birth place of Liberty (Philadelphia), and one time housing the highest concentration of wealthy people in the world (Pittsburgh). No region is like the other...over abundance of fresh food, alcohol, easy women, and illogical taxes. Come see it while you can before Gov. Corbett sells it all off to private interests.
Who does America have to thank for it's freedom, Pennsylvania.
by V Dan January 25, 2013
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1.Bizarro world where any long stay will trip you up and cause things to go awry,flip upside down and backwards. 2.Twilight Zone
Moved back to pennsylvania last week and now having bad days... the sidewalk tripped me, the wall ran into me, and I got hit by a parked car... It's not even 10am yet! Can it get any worse? ;-)
by JoeNJ2 April 17, 2011
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philly in the east
pittsburgh in the west
hick country u.s.a in the middle
if i didnt live in philly, i think id die anywhere else in pennsylvania
by chris manero August 19, 2006
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A great place to find Intercourse.
Dude?! I went to Pennsylvania and found Intercourse on the map . . . then I got wasted in the bar and found it again. Thank God I cut my cock off with a rusty knife after I sobered up enoguh to realize I had just fucked a hill person.
by JC February 17, 2004
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A fairly wierd place when one moment u can be in downtown Philly then go past w. chester and be in bumble fuck.... a place where the closest anything is atleast 30 min away... a place where there is some damn good chocolate and ketchup and cheesesteaks and potatoes.... and yea so what if our sports teams suck (im speaking of philly here) atleast when they do win or we're playing rivals we will throw snow and mud on the feild in thier defense.... and even tho it is a tired ass boring place to live in... its still my home and i (mostly) love it....
At least we are only 2 hours away from DC and NYC
by TexMex July 31, 2004
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