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Any motor vehicle towing another vehicle by using rope, string, cords, cables, lassos, lariats, hawsers, or any other line-like device that is of poor quality. Excludes actual tow trucks.

Should look comical to non-Pennsylvanians.
{While driving on an on-ramp to I-70 in Pennsylvania}

Spencer: Did you see that? A Ford F-350 was pulling an old Ford Escape using a thirty foot long yellow seatbelt-like cable. There was someone steering the Escape too, since the cable was so long!

Ryan: Yea, that's just an ordinary Pennsylvania tow truck.
by Notorious REB August 03, 2011
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An alternative method for delivering a baby. When the woman enters into labor the man must engage in sexual intercourse until the baby attaches to the penis, most likely via the mouth, as in a trailer hitch. The baby must then be pulled from the uterus and vagina from the thrusting of the coitus.
DERIVATIVE: When in Pennsylvania, where most solutions must be "MacGuyvered" due to lack of wealth, "Tow trucks" consist of your friend hooking your Ford Focus up to his F150 via a 10 ft. cloth strap, and him driving away while you stay in your vehicle to steer, for safety purposes.
*NOTE: A true Pennsylvania Tow truck will require the umbilical cord to be fully extended followed by a jaunt down the street to show off your new child to the neighbors
There's Carol and Bob, must not be able to afford the doctor as they hired a Pennsylvania Tow truck. That's their 7th child.
by LoveSpen August 02, 2011
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