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The act of biting one's own or another's toenails with the intent to trim them.
I want to give myself a Pennsylvania pedicure, but I can't get my foot to my mouth
by Ardatirion July 19, 2014
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A Pennsylvania Pedicure is when you are banging a girl doggystyle and just before you blow your load you break her ankle then jizz all over her toenails.
Frank : Hey man , i think my wife is mad at me.

Jeff : Why do you think that ?

Frank : Well every time she limps by me on her crutches I get a dirty look... Maybe its because of the Pennsylvania Pedicure I gave her .

Jeff : Yeah maybe , my wife gets that way too after a Pennsylvania Pedicure, grow up already right ?
by Buck Adams 32 January 20, 2018
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