Penis envy is the reason feminists hate men. They are jealous of men's penises, and this jealousy gets taken out on men in the form of rage.
feminist: I hate men!
My friend: Why does she hate men so much?
Me: She wishes she had a penis... She has a bad case of penis envy
by dustin2222222 September 08, 2007
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The ugly bull-dike lesbian at your work place who constantly attempts to belittle the men that surround her by making rude comments about their manhood, their penis, or the fact that she does not find men attractive. This is usually done in front of another woman or a group of people. The bull-dike acts this way due to penis envy and feels like she can get away with this behavior due to the political correctness that prevents us all from bitch slapping her face with our penis.
In front of white male co-workers, bull-dike Joan yells across the room to another female, Robin, "Hey Robin, Blacks have big cocks!"

This is Joan's attempt to make her co-workers feel inferior, all because Joan has penis envy, and wishes she had a penis.
by 1six022 December 06, 2010
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A longing experienced by women in an unequal society, for the opportunities and respect automatically awarded to some people just because they have a penis.
Despite years of working as a capable scientist, Kathy still had pangs of penis envy when she had to fight harder for her proposals to be taken seriously than did junior male scientists in her lab.
by Weaselpanties December 30, 2016
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the theory that all girls secretly wish they had a penis.
Busch Bag: "I wish I could pee on her car."
Drotzer: "I know, penis envy."
by lynsey f. baby March 17, 2009
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When a young girl hates her mother for not being born with a penis. It is usually subconscious and the girl often hates her mother from years to a lifetime. In more serious cases the girl also grows up hating men for having the penis that she never did or ever will.

Women with this are not lesbians, they simply knew they were missing something as a child and are now unable to realize that's the cause for the hatred and oftentimes unable to change their ways
After years and years of hating her mother, Kelly realized she had penis envy...all she ever wanted was a penis
by Vickkehhh February 20, 2009
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I had a huge penis envy yesterday, we had sex and he came 10 times but I just once.
by macro5 June 17, 2016
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Penis envy is a weird kind of subconscious psychological phenomenon encountered in many white males from 8 to 88 years old, its believed to be the main cause of all racism in america.
penis envy

Random Guy: hey WN , why dont you watch any porn

WN : Porn is horrible, porn is a dirty calculated attack to the white race and way of leaving... usually continues with jew conspiracy theory
by George_Knight February 08, 2014
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