When your going for a piss and shut starts shooting out in small lumps.
You: “Ahhh what a nice sleep I had time to drain the snake, fucking hell there’s shit coming out my penis. Owwww it hurts so bad that head was next level babe you making me shit penis god damn.”
by ChunkyChestnut March 3, 2022
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When your having sex with a girl then she shits on your penis
Hey i just got a shitty penis
Did you like it?
by i am e February 4, 2021
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a man who has a shrew penis
that boy Javon'te got a shrew penis!
by Shrew man January 20, 2020
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A male with a penis so small or gives off small penis energy.
Man Justus is such a homophobe I bet he has a shrimp penis!
by i eat rich ppl January 2, 2021
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