Taking desire make penis large
Taking desire make penis large
by Real randy June 4, 2022
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A mix of tiger, rhino, shark, and possibly human penis made into a clear white wine and given as gifts and recommendations to their foreign counterparts.
Man my co worker got me hooked on the three penis wine I couldn’t even feel my penis!
by Mark tawang October 21, 2021
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A thunder drum penis is a penis that has broken free of its bounds and reached realms of size unimaginable and seemingly impossible in the 3d plain. No man has a thunder drum penis, a penis of that raw aura is just too ridiculous.
mike - "you hear about the thunder drum penis?"

jibolba - "that's just a myth, dont go spreading lies."
by jibolba November 22, 2019
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To be so tired you cannot see straight, or with a curve. Such as a erect penis.
by Joshandersonisawesome February 28, 2012
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Someone with a soft penis or erectile dysfunction

Someone who is not brave or cowardly, similar to milk drinker
Ray,you tofu penis, can’t even ask Joaquina to suck your cock.
by CrazyRadio May 4, 2019
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tony loves penis and will suck on anything like 1 or more
tony loves penis
by potatolover3000 January 29, 2021
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