The “Penis Man” (sometimes stylized “Penisman,”) is notorious graffiti artist in Arizona. The term penisman can be used to refer to a mass vandal who tags public property.
”But containing the spirit of Penis Man will be much harder than anyone would have expected.”

- Daily News
by ManguyManguyguyguy May 08, 2020
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The most legendary hacker/ gamer that ever lived he took on every competive fighting game player at once and didn't even break a sweat that man is awesome
by Sans car April 15, 2020
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The actual substance that makes up the Penis and is the tastiest part. Commonly referred to as the shaft.
She was eating my Penis meat all night long.
by Bigbrownnigger420 January 17, 2018
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A penis patcher is someone who loves penises that much that if it was possible they would make a patch work quilt out of penises.
by rebeccabeck'ed September 28, 2014
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A person who vigorously jacks their cock whilst supporting the jacking of other cocks at thine same time...eth.
Penis patriot: Doth thoust want to thrust thine hand upon thine shaft???
Straight male: no dude. That’s for posers and faggots. Your acting like a straight up Penis Patriot
by Sergeant Testicle August 12, 2019
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