Somebody who is so sexually innocent that even the most obviously perverted jokes and sexiest women cannot affect them. Usually only applies to teenagers, children do not count as penguins.

Penguins can also be people who simply do not think of sexual thoughts, they do not notice scantily clad classmates or get aroused often, if ever.
"Steve is such a penguin, he didn't even notice when Marissa bent over right in front of his face."

"You're such a penguin! Don't you ever think about the ladies?"
by SexyWolf69 June 04, 2012
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A flightful animal that has the power to either destroy or bring peace to the world...
Don't mess with the penguins.
by MikeYL November 04, 2007
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Any one of 18 extant species of flightless seabird of the order Sphenisciformes.
by Korora November 12, 2003
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(Slang) A nun, mother superior, or other female Catholic employed by the Church. Origins in the similarity of dress (typical nuns wear habits colored black and white).
"We have to go meet with the penguins," Ellwood told his brother Jake upon leaving the Rock Island, Illinois prison.
by jkp1187 January 23, 2004
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1. another sexy animal although populating this world may also be found in mine and others imaginations romping with the snufallofaguses.
by super k March 03, 2007
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i.e. feeling penguin
The desire to waddle around, flapping occasionally and sliding on your stomach. Multiple people feeling 'penguin' in the same area have the tendency to huddle.
Person 1: I'm feeling so penguin today
Person 2: Me too! Let's huddle!
by Midnight Storm October 24, 2012
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