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First, there was Club Penguin, then came Penguin Oasis. is a completely freeCPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) that replicates Club Penguin, but contains more features such a Custom Skin Creator, Background Creator, Size, Customizable Igloo NPCs, and much more! On Penguin Oasis you can play multiplayer games, find an online relationship, customize your igloo & outfit, and have fun by meeting other penguins across the world. The server was initially birthed in 2013, and then returned several times across the years now staying for good. Spend your day at the Oasis.
Man, I really want to login to Penguin Oasis and find myself an egirlfriend!

Penguin 1: Let's play Find Four, I need credits!
Penguin 2: Hahah, ok whatever you say Penguin 1... I'm gonna win!
Penguin 3: Can I play?
Penguin 1: No.
Penguin2: No.
Penguin 3: Ok bye lol
by Michaellolx3 May 03, 2018
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