Can be a term of endearment or can also be an insult depending on who you say it to, very similar to the use of the word (nigga)...
to a friend.....What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'how are you doing'

to a stranger...What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'what's up you asshole'
by Carla December 25, 2003
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1. ARGENTINA: usually a young person
2. single pubic hair.
"es un pendejo. tiene 12 años"
by zoe_2 July 29, 2005
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A pendejo or pendeja in Mexico simply means an idiot. A person who may cause concern to whether or not he or she (mostly she) may need mental counseling due to the uncanny mental retardation he or she may display.
Mi maestro es un pendejo. Su mejor amigo se coge a su vieja sin condon y se viene en su cara.
by amigote October 21, 2010
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In Puertorican (slang) means "pussy,sissy,bitch,wimp"
Dile a ese pendejo que ven aca.
Tell that bitch to come here.

Tú eres tan pendejo
You such a wimp
by Yesenia February 15, 2004
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slang, commonly used by Mexicans and Chicanos......asshole
by J October 24, 2003
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In Chile pendejo means pubic hair, but also a semi-offensive way to say kid, teenager, or anyone younger than you.
A brat is a pendejo, but not all pendejos are brats.
The party was full of noisy Pendejos. Those undergrads are taking over all clubs.
by Garavato August 13, 2009
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El no se va a tirar, es un pendejo.

He's not gonna do it, he's a coward.
by LaNenaFiny March 15, 2010
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