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A small town in Northampton County PA. Abundant in in women easy enough to sleep with, but only a few attractive enough to make the VD's worth it. Now culturally dead, Pen Argyl was once full of Cornish song and dance. Founded in 1573 by disgraced Cornish slate miners, they settled in Pen Argyl it being the only other place in the world with the slate and depression reserves of Cornwall. Birthplace of the pastie, slatediving, slateboarding, slateshooting, quates(probably), and the reverse frogman. More recently Pen Argyl has been named home of the worlds most rancid washing rag and is in the running for having more dead skunks on main roads than most other towns with a population over 700 people would find exceptable. At some point someone from the olympics pissed in the sewars of Pen Argyl, the town is still a buzz.
Pen Argyl
reverse frogman
by Veacane December 13, 2010
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