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A dying town in Northwest Ohio east of Bowling Green and South of Toledo. It lies on the banks of the North and South Branches of the Portage River, where they merge near downtown, and, after the winter months, epically flood. It's main highways are State Route 105, Water Street (which turns into North River Road), and Bierley Avenue (which turns into Pemberville Road). The cops here are total douches, and park right inside of town to catch speeders (this includes those of you who go 5 MPH over the speed limit), and park outside of the Legion Hall to target people for DUI or Public Drunkenness, even though they are either walking or live a half-mile away. They even pull you over outside of city limits, and also charge single people with domestic violence. There is a tomato factory on the south side of town called Hirzel's Canning. It was next to the Modine Plant, which just recently closed, and moved out of town. There used to be a TRUE bar in downtown, but the landlord was a dunce and made the owners pay rent for more than what the building was worth. The town has a few restaraunts, however, such as Front Street Cafe and Janelle's.
I live in Pemberville, Ohio! The cops need to get a life, the town floods every spring, and my old house is in Lake Erie! We're losing jobs! Where's our stimulus money? We're going to turn into Detroit sooner or later!
by nubflluo June 02, 2011
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