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A Pelosi Puller is when you, a Conservative, make your girlfriend do an upside down split, then put your dick in her vagina and shove your entire ball sack in her asshole while watching MSNBC, bitching at whatever dumb shit Nancy Pelosi is trying to say. Also known as a Biden Bomber, a Reid Seed, a Mayor Nutter, or a Booker Buster.

The version used by Liberals is called a Koch Sucker, you do the same thing, but this time you turn on Fox News, Immediately dismiss anything they say, and yell "THAT'S RACIST" When you bust nuts. Afterward, you focus way too much of your energy on disarming the American citizens instead of exposing the illegal means used by folks like the Koch Brothers, thus guaranteeing that you'll never have the entire support of the 99% or any middle-class moderate conservatives.
"Fucking goddamn Liberals got me so mad last night that I turned on MSNBC and gave my girlfriend a Pelosi Puller until I Booker Busted my Reid Seed all over her Right Tit, because Fuck the Left!"

"Bill O'Reilly represents ALL Republicans! They're all that crazy! RACISM!! Wahhh Wahhh BUY A PRIUS Wahhhh Wahhhh!! I need a good Koch Sucker right now."
by NewkNutz March 14, 2014
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