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1. A misfortunate event for the peeping tom, it's a term used to describe a person with voyeurism who creeps into a targets yard and hides in their bushes. This is someone whom the peeping tom has been stalking for months and has acquired a great deal of infatuation for in the process. When he pops his head up from the bushes and much to his shagrin, he finds his victim in the process of undressing and notices the window is open. From his vantage point, he gets a false sense of security based on the assertion that the curtains are completely obscuring him from view and in the heat of the moment, sticks his penis through the window. The peeping tom then experiences an elated, euphoric response and in his lustful ignorance, fails to notice the victim charging towards the window and slamming it on his penis.
"A peeping thrombosis sometimes occurs when spying on the girls at summer camp."
by billebllunt December 11, 2013
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