God Squad. The Gang. Yours friends. You need nothing more than a Cheesy peep in your life for it to be fulfilled and complete. If you and your friends form a Cheesy Peeps then you know everything is gooooooood!
Damn look at those Cheesy Peeps, looking fine.
by Spoodiez August 4, 2020
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The best friend group in the world and had so many people they can get almost everything accepted on Urban Dictionary
Damb, are those the Cheesy Peeps
by can't find a fing username August 4, 2020
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it means that you whant somebody to come look
jake says: are you listening to that new song?
Adam responds: yeah come peep
by Redfactorpvp November 20, 2016
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Only people I would ever hang out with.
Those white peeps win all the Nobel prizes!
by Pigletboy November 20, 2017
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When you see someone you find attractive you take two small steps towards their direction to get a better look at them.
When I was walking down the street earlier today I saw a hottie that I had to two step peep on.
by Frankie' September 19, 2014
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a teenager can also be referred to as young peep
Naila (young peep) says I'm the most sensitive person ever (excluding the positive connotation of sensitive). She thinks I'm mega insecure about my body, much too self-conscious and easily teased. She makes fun of the way I talk and my mimics and gestures. Naila often accuses me of judgemental and finger-pointing comments. I am basically a pain in her derrière.
by El Sa El April 25, 2019
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