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A VR headset with the screen removed effectively turning it into a peeping device. Used often by Ethan Klein to peep at cuties at the beach.
Peep n' creep, peep the cuties at the beach
You might think I'm asleep, but I'm looking at your teets
I'll be watching you, and your mother too
Society can't judge me for what my eyes do
I'm locked onto those jugs
And I'm peeping hard
Yeah, I'm getting hard
But you think it's just VR
Or talking with my mom
Or I'm looking at a tree
But most definitely not checking out your booty
Except I am, and I'm not ashamed
Because the peep n' creep has changed the game
Peep n' creep has changed the game
I'm peeping, creeping, it will set you free
To look at mammaries and to look at booties
It's good for you and it's good for me
I'm sorry but I've been this way since puberty (Damn)
by TyrantTITANIUM December 24, 2017
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