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An immature girl, only biologically an adult.

Implies that she has not learned to keep herself clean, thus her pussy probably smells like pee, and not worth your effort.

Characterized by giggling when being courted, asking inane questions about sex, using way too many emoticons, and general incompetence with adult concepts.

She's usually hnnng level adorable, which makes finding out she's a Pee Pussy so very heartbreaking.

Her pussy might also smell like pee.
Guy 1 "I was flirting with her and she just giggled and had a stupid look on her face."

Guy 2 "Oh, wow, she might be a Pee Pussy"

Guy 1 "Then we were cuddling, I try to start fooling around and anywhere I touch her is ticklish and she can't stop laughing. Shes 22 for fuck's sake!"

Guy 2 "Yeah man, she's a total Pee Pussy, get out while you still can!"
by navezskullz May 14, 2012
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