The action of not wanting to be in a intimate relationship of someone older than you.
Guy 1: "Yeah i hear that girl has a huge crush on you man!"

Guy 2: "Pfft she is a year older than me."

Guy 1: "So..?"

Guy: 2 "I'm not into starting a Reverse Pedophilia"
by Tomoko6969 March 13, 2016
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Video game pedophilia is a term that has first existed in FIFA 09 back in 2008 when EA has created FUT (Fifa ultimate team) for unlimited purchases of the game, resulting in turning the game into a pussy club. Now the term has effected many games like Fallout 76 and many other fucking games that have loot boxes in term of pay to win bullshit scenarios.
Gamer 1: do I have to fucking pay lots of money for a fucking repair kit in fallout 76? FUCK YOU!!! I'm PLAYING GHOST OF TSUSHIMA: LEGENDS YOU PUSSY CLUB LOVIN' MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! FUCK VIDEO GAME PEDOPHILIA!!!!!
by RavenTrooper January 15, 2021
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1)One who dates people significantly younger than them.

2) One who dates those barely above 18 with more than a 20 year age gap
My mom is dating someone who graduated the year before me and that would qualify as borderline pedophilia.
by Dsylexxxia August 26, 2022
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Simply an over 16 years old person loves to have sexual intercourse with a "prepubescent" children, which is just before puberty.


It's a "pedophilia" hentai btw.
by Max.Br May 27, 2018
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a person who has to be a pedophile to circulate there blood
my friend ben has porphyric pedophilia
by wisemanofthenorthwest January 14, 2012
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