A sexual attraction felt either by an adult or adolescent towards prepubescent children.

Just to clear things up, the word *NEITHER* means "someone who has sex with children" *NOR* does it mean "someone above the age of consent who has sex with a person below the age of consent." the former is known as a child molester, and the latter is known as a statutory rapist.
Why is it important to make a distinction? It's because pedophilia (paedophilia) is a PSYCHOLOGICAL condition - one for which MOST child molesters DO NOT fit the criteria. Most child molesters are known as surrogate/situational offenders, meaning they are primarilly attracted to adults, but choose children because they are available, vulnerable and less likely to resist unwanted sexual advances - the surrogate offenders are NOT truly attracted to their victims, they only want an available orifice to insurt their members in. They don't care very much if it's a woman, a child or a horse - therefore, they do NOT fit the medical definition of pedophilia.
A statutory rapists is anyone whose sexual partner is below the local age of consent. That means if the age of consent in your part of the world is 17, and you're 17, but your girlfriend's 17th birthday happens just one minute after you've had sex, your a statutory rapist.
On the other hand, there are pedophiles who DO and pedophiles who DO NOT, and never will behave sexually with children.
THE MORAL: there are molesters who are pedophiles and pedophiles who are molesters, but one does NOT by ANY means automatically imply the other. You would not even come close to getting rid of child sexual abuse by getting rid of pedophilia, and you would not get rid of pedophilia by getting rid of child molestation.
John Smith died of in a car accident as a virgin, but he was attracted to 10 year old girls. His paraphilia is known as pedophilia.
by Erekun June 11, 2007
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a MENTAL ILLNESS of being sexually attracted to a minor
Pedophilia is a mental illnesses as listed in the DSM, these folks need help instead of murdering them in prison.
by suck_my_d33 June 28, 2021
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Getting your sex on with a little ghost.
Wanting to bone Casper the ghost, would be the perfect example of Spectro-Pedophilia..
by moe3575 January 13, 2011
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Refers to the sexualization of pre-sixteen year-olds by marketeers to sell records. See Britney Spears in 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'.

Originates from 'Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers' by Alissa Quart.
by Nixon Popdizzy November 3, 2003
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Refers to how businesses use children to promote their products and services, regardless of the targeted consumers.

It's become so common that it shouldn't surprise anyone when children are used to promote sex products.
Eharmony has used children to promote there services

PUGI (the car dealer) is a very guilty culprit

Marketing Pedophilia has made advertising more unbearable, unless you're a pedophile.
by fuckub May 3, 2014
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(N.) When big buisnesses in the TV/Movies/Music industry try to get their cosumers aroused to increase sales by making sexy people seem sweet and tender and making them dress up and behave like schoolgirls/boys. Often times, instead of imitation, they'll use actual children.
The Olsen Twins, Hilary Duff, and Britney Spears in schoolgirl outfits! Yeah! Alright! Sexy Corporate Pedophila at it's best! Yee-ha!

by G-Union December 12, 2003
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Someone who uses a fake girls profile to cyber sex online.
Damn i should of known Kim was really a pedophilia rapeasaurus
by Randomxhumor April 12, 2011
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