Someone who hurt your pride by telling you that your invention is useless and tell you to stick it up your ass.
A: I just saved all the boys from the cave by diving. It proves that your submarine is useless. Stick it up your ass.
B: You are a pedo guy.
by Elongated Muds September 5, 2018
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According to the Pedo Files, "An Encyclopedic Guide to All Things Pedo", a modern term of affection used by middle aged tech billionaires with decades younger girlfriends to describe their creepy elders who also have younger girlfriends but are less tech savvy and prefer to walk (from the Latin pedester, going on foot) or swim rather than drive electric cars or ride in kid-sized submarines. Some etymologists have suggested this may be a double entendre on the Afrikaans slang for an Olympic level 'pedo (or Speedo) wearing swimmer.
Modern usage: nice job Vern using your pedo instincts to find those young cave divers.
Afrikaans slang: Vern is a such a pedo guy, and he looks so manly in his Speedos.
by E. Long Musk December 7, 2019
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(noun) - Traditional South African insult, circa 1930's, originally aimed at people too poor to own a motor vehicle, and so were forced to remain as pedestrians.

More modern usage is by middle-class westerners who are so entrenched in their usage of vehicles with internal combustion engines, that they shun or eschew the development of electric vehicles (see also icing). i.e. they would rather choose to walk, than to drive an electric vehicle, even if it gives the appearance that they could be too poor to own a motor vehicle.
e.g. "I'd rather be a pedo guy than to buy a Nissan Leaf!"
by Doctor Hair September 19, 2019
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Pedo is Greek meaning “relating to children”. Actual meaning depends on context, but is always related to men associated with children, for example “the guy who is known to have saved the children”.
Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it.
by nevermindever September 17, 2019
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Common insult used in South Africa in 1970s and 1980s. It is synonymous with “creepy old man” and is used to insult a person’s appearance and demeanor. Usually used in a very aristocratic way. As of lately, however, has become rare in spoken English due to increased avareness of term “pedophilia” among younger generation and millennials.

Other popular examples of psychological disorders being used as an insult include words “idiot”, “downs” and others.
Aunt Beryl clutching at her pearls hearing that her Johnny was called a pedo guy.
In totally not a pedo guys!
by nevermindever September 17, 2019
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