1. A action that usaully a bird does
2. Mr. Peck

Pecker: A penis
"Mr. Peck is so hot right now!"
by Rick December 08, 2003
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I deragtory term for white people.
Man I didn't goto that trailer party with all them po (poor) peck's.
by B JizZle September 24, 2006
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look at that peck over there in his rusted 58' ford pickup.


man that dude over there hitting on his cousin is peckin.
by i-pode April 21, 2009
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To extinguish a partly smoked cigarette in order to enter a place or form of transport that forbids smoking. Pecked cigarettes are not discarded but are transported on the person (perhaps jauntily placed behind an ear)to the next place of smokability. They smell really bad.
The bus came as soon as I lit up so I pecked it and put it back in the packet.
by kallisti23 June 02, 2006
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the peck comes from manya long time ago, altho one peck stil lives, the youngest peck...mick brandpeck.

someone who is shit at everything.
"Yo mick that spliff is peck.....wack sum more buds in dat fo sheezy ma neezy....wickededy wackadesha....BO
by paul walsh June 04, 2004
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