Someone who annoys you. (Usually used to someone you don't like or don't want to be around you).
"Man you peck bare"
"Shut up you peck"
by rarehorse August 10, 2015
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A curse word, mostly use to insult birds in a rude fashion.
Person 1: what’s your favorite condiment on a tuna salad?

Person 2: PECK
by Pecking Dry August 25, 2018
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The peck is uncontainable. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can contain the peck.
Me: Hey Peck, how are you going to get through the brick wall?
The Peck: Don't worry, nothing can contain the peck!
by the peck February 25, 2019
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To poke someone's arsehole with the forefinger or middle digit.
Bazza snuck up behind his missus and gave her a quick peck. She screamed so loud, she woke the neighbours.
by Oh Not I August 20, 2018
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the past tense of peak peak as in the northagte version of the word meaning an extreme amount of amusement.The opposite of pinner also as in the northgate version meaning an unfortunate situation.
"That kis is such a peck"

"Kenny's party was a peck"
by peckmeharder April 12, 2010
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A short, squirrely bug eyed creature with facial crustyitis, poor hygiene and many varied pungent aromas escaping from every oriface. Although similar to a person of Pakistani decent, he is most closely related to the offspring of a crack whore. Appearance can differ from week to week, but often does not change daily. A black Iverson jersey, red hoody, Germany t-shirt, and baggy blue or green cargo pants or khaki's are most common, however the addition of a red bandana, black leather coat or camoflage pants signifies the creature's need to feel intimitading to others by resembling a mafia boss, gang member or G.I. Joe.

A Peck has a limited vocabulary contrived mainly of a few short phrases such as:

Fuck you
Fuck off
What the Fuck
"Bitch, make me taco's!"

While many find this creature quite repulsive, it is surprising to know that the mother and female sibling of the Peck are quite attractive to ordinary males.

The Peck itself choses to initiate mating rituals with females that are larger than himself and resemble biker/goth girls.

Feeding habits include foraging for easily prepared meals and storing of non-perishables under piles of clothing and paper on the floor of his den. This may suggest a link to the squirrel family.
"PECK, stop eating with your mouth open and slapping your lips together!"
by Ian and Phil November 14, 2004
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