1) A much more viscous form of peanut butter, usually served with dumplings or chicken.
2) One of James Campagna's many excited expressions.
1) The peanut sauces are ripe for consuming.

2) I bought Halo 2 and tomorrow we are going to get fucking whacked at Chalet. PEANUTSAUCEZ!
by cacaboy November 11, 2004
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The act of continuing to snack on condiments after everyone has finished eating
Take the horseradish off the table - your father has started peanut saucing it.
by Sulkydissybee April 10, 2021
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An expression used to show excitement, or extreme happiness.
Wow Molly, those cupcakes that we just made that would not come out of the muffin tins were Awesome Possum Peanut Sauce!
by trenton;) August 5, 2010
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When your diarrhea is so loose it looks like wet thin peanut butter
Bro i just made some nasty peanut butter sauce, may wanna give that bathroom 30 mins
by Pabloschacone January 3, 2018
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