A clueless pretentious arrogant person who is in love with themselves.
They are kind of like the emperor parading around with no clothes on.

Sheep sometimes follow them along, blindly worshiping their every move.
The spiritual leader strutted around the stage like the bloated peacock he is, while his followers sang his praises.
by 3dsg January 17, 2018
A really rare amazing friend always there for you and once you have Emma peacock in your life don't ever let her go she is awesome,beautiful,very nice person and overall is just a wonderful person
i know this girl named Emma peacock and i never want to lose her
by mike oxlong08 December 1, 2021
A vagina that has been dressed to impress i.e. dreads, beads, ornaments, jewels, costumes, makeup or even bedazzled. A "horse of a different color"
Girl!!! If you want to catch a good man, you gotta do up a peacock pussy!
by Vaxus November 2, 2021
when you tug on a mans penis and the pubes flare out
I touched my brother and up went the Aussie Peacock
by max loves dick September 15, 2022
Jan Peacock is an elderly woman who bullies people on twitter, from her tablet, in the nursing home. She is on everyone’s shit list.
Guy 1: Did you see that grandma bullying people on twitter?

Guy 2: No, show me.

Guy 1: *Shows guy 2 elderly woman’s tweet*

Guy 2: Fuck, someone call the nursing home and tell them to take Jan Peacocks tablet away.
by dingdonguropinioniswrong October 6, 2019
A college in Jersey City, NJ that has beat Kentucky and Murray State in the NCAA tournment and is bout to win more games and win the NCAA championship

Kentucky AND Murray State has nothing on the St Peters Peacocks
by gu32gdu2fg3fgru March 21, 2022